Air Scrubbers are used to ensure the OHS of people working on a worksite. When you are conducting mould removal at your property, you need to ensure the mould spores floating in the air are not being ingested. Additionally, you want to make sure the mould spores are not spreading throughout the property in the mould cleaning process making the mould problem more severe.

Difference between Air Scrubber and Negative air machine

Sometimes people refer to air scrubber and negative air machine interchangeably, however this is not completely correct. An air scrubber is a stand alone unit which filters the air inside the room. It generally has no ducting attached to it.

A negative air machine is basically a fan with ducting using suction to remove contaminated air out of the area. The reason why people may use it interchangeably is that some negative air machines also have a hepa filter inside them.

Air Scrubbers For Hire

We have several HEPA 500 units on hand for hire at our Brisbane Office. Features of the Hepa 500

  • 250 – 500 CFM – variable speed adjustment
  • Stackable and easily transportable
  • Test tagged every 3 months and can be used on commercial sites

This is a popular choice for the construction, mould removal, cleaning and hygiene industries. Ducting can also be attached to it and be used as a negative air machine – as seen in the video below


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