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Why we are trusted leading Mould Removal Specialists

We go to incredible lengths to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome of our mould removal service. From the very start, we do a mould inspection to ensure you are informed of the likely mould source and what actions need to be taken.

1.Mould Inspection

Why do we conduct a mould assessment first? This is where we locate the source of the problem, we will also do mould sampling to try to find which areas are contaminated which areas are not. We can then create a scope which we can follow to complete the mould remediation.

2.Mould Containment

We must contain the mould to the affected areas, failure to do so can create a larger problem. Mould spores can travel into other rooms and grow. The mould cleaning process generally disturbs the mould spores and increases the risk of contamination.

3.Mould Filtration

We need to ensure we filter and remove all those unwanted mould spores in the environment. If the cleaning process is completed without filtration, you risk the mould growing again after the remediation is complete.

4.Mould Removal

We follow IICRC standards, we, therefore, dispose of porous material which cannot be recovered (plasterboard and carpet). There could be some decontamination involved. Hard surfaces and building structures should be re-mediated properly. We can also complete the air conditioner mould removal. Please visit our page How to Get Rid of Mould for more information on how we remove mould.

5.Structural Drying

Mould feeds on moisture, and it is partly the reason it started growing in the first place. We will use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the water damage out of the room.

6.Post Remediation Testing

We will do some mould testing upon completion of the remediation. This will confirm the mould was removed successfully in the property.

I prepared a video below showing our complete mould remediation process.

Mould growing in your home can be an uncomfortable experience, we can put your mind at ease by providing a quick response for our mould removal service.

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