Mould remediation always starts first with a professional inspection by one of our technicians. We do provide a free phone consultation and estimation however, this helps us to discuss your options and can relay any advice you might need.

We are specialists in:

  Identifying the source of mould
  Investigating mould causes and remedies
  Mould removal, ensuring that everything is cleaned to an effective standard
  Ensuring no further mould growth
  Mould testing, for confirmation on a clean environment

We are completely focused on removing mould from your property, ensuring the safety of your health and restoration of your property to Queensland Building standards. Since 2002, we are recommended by health & industry professionals as we understand the effects mould can have both on your health, and your property.

What We Provide:

  Post remediation testing to ensure a successful remediation
  A professional clean and remediation, following the IICRC S520 mould standard
  A focused solution to removing mould and its source.

Complete Mould Removal Process

The steps we take for mould treatment include the following:

  1. The property is inspected first to find the cause of the mould. Once the cause is corrected we can then continue. Failure to do this would mean the mould would come back.
  2. We contain the mould first with containment barriers. We also set up a filter to filter the air and create negative air pressure by venting the air outside.
  3. Removal of non-recoverable contaminated materials.
  4. Physical Removal of the Mould (see our page  How to Kill Mould )
  5. Structural drying (if required to remove moisture)
  6. Post mould test verification (see our page  Mould Inspection & Assessment )

Our Mould Cleaning Process

Mould cleaning is part of our whole mould remediation process which includes 3 stages

  • Step 1 — Mould Assessment . Assess the damage, Inspect, Mould Sampling (if Required). Write Scope.
  • Step 2 — Mould Containment and Air Filtration
  • Step 3 — Mould Cleaning and Removal
  • Step 4 — Structural Drying
  • Step 5 — Post Mould Cleaning & Testing

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